Thursday, April 28, 2011

Retirement yet?

I have had the goal of retiring as a LTC in the Army but the more and more time I spend in the Army the less and less it is important. I look around at different people who sacrifice their family to succeed in the Army and I keep thinking for what? I feel it is ridiculous to choose to spend hours on the weekend to work on a different products for the Army. I wish I would have foreseen how difficult this 5 months would be separated away from Jennifer and the kids. I thought 5 months would go by fast and it would be better for the kids but now looking back I'm not so sure. This 5 months would have been so much better if they were here. It maybe time to reevaluate my retirement goals.

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  1. Probably should have just moved, but we are over half way to the end of that 5 months now. Soon we'll be moving on to a new place and getting settled together again as a family. I love you! XOXO