Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Army Career and my feelings:

I really enjoy the feeling of being in the Army but there are a few things that I have seen that or felt that makes me wish some things were different. I first started feeling this way deeply when my Dad died. I guess it is some kind of regret for not being around much when he was alive over the past 10 years while I was in. Another thing I didn’t really think about too much until this point in time was the sacrifice that Jennifer would be making. I knew the kids would have it rough with moving from school to school and the instability of me deploying etc. but I didn’t think about her sacrifices. I got to thinking about it and the biggest thing was her not having a career of her own until I am through with my career. She has to handle all 5 of our kids while I am deployed and in the field as I currently am for 3-4 weeks approx. (again). I expressed my thought to Jennifer and she told me she knew that when I rejoined. She said she did it willingly and it was both of our decision for this lifestyle. I then realized that I also have a lot to be thankful for to the Army. It has provided me with a way to provide for my family financially and give them experiences of a lifetime. We never would have seen the many places we have been. I am truly blessed to have my wife by my side.

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  1. I LOVE you Babe!! I really enjoy our Army life even though the trainings and deployments are not so enjoyable....