Tuesday, August 31, 2010


CO2 (Consideration of others) some people don’t have it. I was at the gym last week and I was working out in two areas which kind of sounds bad but one was a smith machine and one was a bench. The way I had it set up is I had an adjustable bench under the smith machine with my towel, shaker cup and workout journal so I could do some flat bench and incline bench press. The bench I had a dumbbell on it to do pullovers. I was coming back over to the smith machine and someone moved my bench. This would have been inconvenient but understandable if there weren’t two smith machines available. So I told the person “here I’ll move down to this other smith machine.” I moved down to the other smith machine and while I was doing my set I see a dude come up and talk to two other guys and start to use my bench without even asking if anyone was using it. So I walked over and then he “asked are you using this” and my reply was “that’s alright I’ll move down to this open bench over here” because once again there was open benches available. This is the first time that I have really ran into this but it was multiple times in one visit. Must’ve been something in the water.

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  1. They probably picked up too many habits while visiting the city of love:)